Luxury Villas,TailoredLifestyle

basic information
Product description
Kingsland City will invite the world-famous house designer and interior designer to specially design a tailored villa with their international perspectives for every property owner. Two-storey villa of 80-300 square meters and Zambia’s first direct drinking water supply system, a high-quality life starts from here! Kingsland City pays attention to details, even each signboard is carefully designed and discussed by art team, orientation of each villa is carefully decided in full consideration of the owner’s view, space and distance between villas is carefully kept to show respect to neighbors and moral cultivation of owner. Every detail goes into perfection, this is the way to pay respect to all the property owners in Kingsland City.
1.All designs are based on requirements of modern life, and take lifestyle trends into consideration, realizing the design concept of "People-Oriented, Close-to-Nature, Landscape-into-House, Life-in-Art".
2.Eachdesign has wide bright living room and leisure room. Bedroom and dining room has good view of outdoor scenery.Kitchen and bathroom are big, and storage room has enough space. Master bedroom and study room can be divided or be together.Floor-to-ceiling window, bay window, home garden, master bedroom porch, etc. are modern elements reflecting people’s pursuit of high-quality life.
3.Relationship between different functional areas is well organized,and each area is clearly defined to meet different household requirements. Living area and leisure area are separated, dry area and damp area are separated, activity area and rest area are separated. Master bedroom is equipped with floor-to-ceiling window for good view. Each room has appropriate width and depth, complete space, good ventilation, consistent wall surface and many space changes.
4.Convenient route between kitchen and dining room; independent dining area with good view; wide and bright bathroom; all functional areas clearly defined.
Convenient Life, Prosperous Community
To satisfy the noble and elegant lifestyle of social elites, Kingsland City will build a large-sizedshopping mall on the main road, introducingthe world's leading chain supermarket to offer the most convenient service and best products.A central commercial street integrated with shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment will be built within the community, creating an ever-bright relaxing area.There will be private school, children's playground,sports field, hospital, library, police station, coffee shop, convenience store, restaurant, etc, providing all property owners the exclusive enjoyment and convenience.