China Power Construction Zambian Mang-Tower Highway Project Completed

2018/04/08 16:21
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On April 27th, the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Manggu-Tab highway project in Zambia, which was undertaken by the Group’s five hydropower bureaus, was held at the end of the project in Tabo Town. Zambian President Edgar Lengu personally cut the ribbon for the ceremony.


In his address, the President stated that as early as 2002, the project was built by a Kuwaiti company. However, due to the flooding, the embankment frequently washed away and the project was finally grounded. It is only now that Chinese companies are successfully built. Thanks to Chinese companies and all those who have contributed to the project. He also said that after the project was completed, he would be able to honor his campaign promises and provide a satisfactory explanation to the people of the Western Province.


The Mangga-Tab highway in Zambia is located in the western province of Zambia with a total length of 33.986 kilometers. At the beginning of July 2011, it was faced with difficulties such as tight schedules, technical difficulties, and difficulty in cost control. During the construction period, the replacement of the roadbed and erection of the bridge during the construction period successfully solved the difficulties in the construction of access roads in the marshes, the short construction period in the rainy season and other issues, as well as the construction problems of the soft soil roadbed, which accumulated valuable value for flooding roadbed construction in the future. experience. On April 12, the highway project successfully passed the final acceptance and was highly praised by the experts of the acceptance team.


The completion of the project opened an important channel for economic and trade exchanges between Zambia and its neighboring country Angola. It also ended the long history of residents of the Western Province who could not pass through the flood plain of Baroz.

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