Boundless Grass, Beautiful Surrounding
Kingsland City will be built on the only land covered by original forest in Lusaka with unique natural environment and special hill sceneries.
Drinking water for Kingsland City is from unpolluted water source deep into the woods and powered by a special direct drinking water supply system,
successfully avoiding pollution effects of wastes to the water source and protecting health of property owners!
Various flowers and plants, Villa hidden in forest
Kingsland City has a central park of 200,000 square meters revealing the beauty of original natural landscapes,
a boardwalk stretching nearly 10 kilometers around the park, and the first glass passage in Zambia for special experience in enjoying the view.
Gardens inside the community are featuring the neoclassical style,
absorbing different elements of art and combining design concept, music, cultural landscape together. Three-dimensional landscapes,
such as the stylish feature wall at the main entrance, the driveway with high-quality asphalt pavement, the evergreen flame trees along both sides of driveway,
the modern central fountain square, the stepping stone path under trees, bring you different views with every step, perfectly explaining the design idea of “Living in Gardens”.